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Hiroshi Watanabe
Chief Executive Officer

J-eco Tour, as parent company of Global TravelDesk, performs the creation of various kinds of travel courses and travel arrangements to the Japan nation wide as a land operator. Global TravelDesk mainly performs the travel arrangements and is being a point of contact from ASEAN market strategically, also carries out AIRGSA business and the sending-operations at Narita Airport.
[ Land Operation ] [ Hokkaido Tour ] [ Airline Business ]
Not only Golden route between Tokyo and Osaka, J-eco Tour & Global TravelDesk cover Japan nationwide and perform careful land operations by maximizing our resources. We assure that the contents of tour arrangements are very satisfactory.

We will surely make you and your clients satisfied by providing our warm hospitality based upon various land operations such as ticketing, sending at airport, accommodation, transportation, sightseeing and a variety of optional ours.

As you may be aware, the decision of 2020 Olympic game venue was made for being held here in Tokyo. The transformation has just begun though, the metropolitan Tokyo becomes ultimate city by changing to more fantastic and supreme bliss.

Since the travelerfs mood will slightly be moving towards the Olympic game, presumably the volume of FIT visitors will be increasing from now on. In order to make visitors from all over the world exciting, Global TravelDesk is currently creating tour course dedicated to capital Tokyo for FIT model.
Both Global TravelDesk and its parent company J-eco Tour provide FIT visitors with one of very unique tour titled gOriginal White Wedding Ceremony in Hokkaido". Both companies can perform the following points just because we are the supplier/creator of tours.

Offering of the Hokkaido sightseeing plan together with the ceremony. (Note: Other companies can not perform.) Performing not only the White Wedding Ceremony but the wedding according to customer's requirements as well. Performing "The Garden Wedding & Resort Wedding" which met with summer seasonal Hokkaido.

J-eco Tour & Global TravelDesk promote the wedding ceremony tying up with winter festival event in every place in Hokkaido for Southeast Asia Region based upon cooperation with a "Northeast & Hokkaido Tourist Industry Development Conference"and "J plaza Lumiere Weddingg. 
Furthermore, Global TravelDesk provides customer with various kinds of airlines business support services such as GSA (General Sales Agent) Service, Private Flight Arrangement Service and Charter Flight Operations Service.

Global TravelDesk offers an advanced travel style toward the future for customer. Global TravelDesk will take a response to various kinds of requests arising from clients in terms of airline business. 
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