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Wedding Photo Tours & Ceremony

As our major optional tour courses in Hokkaido, Global TravelDesk provides you with very unique tour called "Wedding photo tours & Ceremony" in Hokkaido.
White Wedding in Hokkaido

Global TravelDesk will promote the wedding ceremony tied up with winter festival event in every place for Southeast Asia Region based upon cooperation with a "Northeast & Hokkaido Tourist Industry Development Conference" and "J plaza Lumiere Wedding.g

Fantastic Wedding Ceremony will be gracefully performed by blessing from local citizen and tourist at the hall of the winter event performed in various areas in Hokkaido.

White Wedding

Lake Akanko




The wedding photos are taken at a fantastic middle of white snow in the great Hokkaido.

Sunflower Wedding in Hokkaido

Similar activities can be performed in the beautiful fields of Sunflower and Lavender.


Exciting Out-door Sports Airboard

The new era of winter sport gAirboardh comes on stage of Sapporo and Abashiri, Hokkaido.


Airboard Plan

Special Meals A. "SUKIYAKI", with the method of baking by English guide service.

B. "SUKIYAKI", favorite Japanese meal with Japan Traditional Lion Dance



Halal Meal

We are very pleased to inform you of an availability of serving the halal meal for Muslim tourists visiting from their countries.

Outside Field BBQ

The visitor can enjoy the highest-class taste of "Tokachi cow (Japanese beef)" of the Hokkaido brand and so on.

Vehicle Special Private Vehicle for VIP customer

A chauffeur who speaks English is always arranged as a driver guide.

Special Offering Special Jet Fare

Offering special jet fare mainly used Jetstar Japan. Others such as SKYMARK is also available.

Special Value Plan

Sapporo Prince Hotel
Hotel Nord Otaru
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