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J Eco Tour Global TravelDesk is Japan Land Operator, and carries out various kinds of travel arrangements especially for FIT (Foreign Independent Tour), GIT (Group Inclusive Tour) and many different type of tourists visiting from outside Japan.

Global TravelDesk is being a point of contact from Asia Pacific countries but not limited to, and carries out the sending-operations at Narita Airport as well and keeping enough capabilities as reliable Travel Agent by inheriting much knowledge and practical experience of J Eco Tours Co.,Ltd.

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Introduction Official Guide The portal site of the Japanese National Tourist Organization (JNTO) in which various kinds of the tourist information described in the multi-language is offered.
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Hokkaido Hokkaido
Sapporo city
Tokyo Top 10 Scenic Sites in Tokyo
Mt.Fuji Mt. Fuji as the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage
Nagano Unique Nagano introduction
Gifu Experience beautiful Gifu
Kyoto Kyoto 5 Perspectives
Kyoto City Web

Browsing by Course 3 Days Model Presenting various 3 days model trip
Golden Route Departure from Tokyo / Departure from Osaka / Departure from Region

Airport information Narita Narita International Airport Official Website
Chitose New Chitose International Airport

Shopping & Dining Shopping Strolling and shopping all over the Japan

Photo Library Photo library Search Japan pictures from the categories such as regions and nature

Specials Muslim guide Muslim guide
Halal meal Halal lunch and Halal food delivery
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